4 luxury condos for sale

The most developed property market in Thailand is the Phuket real estate. This is according to a Phuket Villas and condominium research that was done in the recent past. The initial resorts, hotels and condo for sale were developed on the West Coast. However, the West Coast does not have many prime beachfront locations; developers have turned to the South Coast and East Coast as alternatives. A good number of property developers can now be found on the south and east coasts, as well as in the neighboring provinces and islands.

Below are 4 luxury condos for sale in Phuket:

1. Seventh Sky

Seventh Sky, the real estate developer of a luxurious residential property has recently broken ground on a 4,000 sqm condominium, located on the island of Phuket, Thailand. The residential complex will include 171 residential units. Check website http://seventhskyphuket.com/

2. Kata Rocks

This is located to the North, and features 2-3 bedrooms. They have are area of 140-460 square meters, with a price range of THB 25,000,000 to THB 100,000,000.

3. Malaiwana Residences

Located to the North of Phuket, Malaiwana Residences offers condos that have 4 bedrooms. They cover an area of 600 square meters and go for between THB 69,000,000 and THB 74,000,000.

4. Andara Residence

These are 3-bedroomed condos located to the West, and with an area of315 sq.m. They go for THB 63,000,000.

Many buyers interested in property continue to focus more on the West Coast, because the property here offers more spectacular view. A typical luxury condo for sale will offer freehold title, and will feature two to four bedrooms. They have attractive balconies and great finishes, both in the interior and exterior. Common facilities include a gym and a pool. They have the added advantage of being in areas of low density property developments. Many buyers like this because it offers a very high level of privacy. The fact they offer great views of the ocean makes them even more attractive. Most of the condos are managed by companies that special in management, while a few are managed by hotels.

By their very design, condo for sale feature a relaxing, stylish and elegant ambience that instantly becomes a magnet for those who value privacy and style, all rolled in one. Their innovative designs also blends very easily with the surrounding, creating a harmonious blend with nature. Each unit is designed to capture the details of a private home. When you consider all that goes into designing tem, then you will clearly see that the above luxury condo is good value for money.